Reasons For Delays In PCB Manufacturing And Assembly Process

If you have experience sourcing PCBs for your electronic device manufacturing company you would know the challenges in this process. One of the most common challenges the customers face when sourcing PCB is the procurement of the required PCBs in a timely fashion. 

Why do customers experience delays in the PCB fabrication and assembly process? When you know that the reasons why you face issues in the delivery timeline, you are likely to be better prepared to handle the timeline related challenges and avoid unnecessary delays. Let us explore some of the most common challenges.

If the PCB fabrication company or your PCB manufacturer is not experienced, then they are likely to take much longer than the committed time. This is because they do not have enough experience in calculating the timeline for the production process. When a company acquires more experience, they would have handled several PCB manufacturing projects and this will help them have a better understanding of the PCB production time and thereby give more accurate timeline for the delivery. If you want to avoid delay first invest enough time to select the right PCB manufacturer.

When your PCBs go for mass production, during the PCB assembly process, the assembly components need to be sourced in bulk quantities. This sourcing process could prove to be time consuming. Not all the suppliers will have readily available stock of the required components in the required quantities. These component suppliers will also need their own lead time. The lead time required for some components will be much longer than the others. The total component sourcing time therefore will be equal to the maximum lead time required. If you are sourcing your PCB components you will have to first have access to the best sourcing networks so that you will be able to procure the required components in the shortest time possible. You should also make sure that the components sourced are of premium quality. 

There could be delays in the shipping process. If you are procuring your PCBs from China, it will take a considerable amount of time for shipping. You will have to factor in this too when you are calculating the timeline or the lead time for sourcing your PCBs. Therefore it is not just the manufacturing time but it is also the shipping time that matters.

During certain seasons your manufacturer will be experiencing peak sales. If your order falls during such seasons then the overall time taken for manufacturing your orders will also increase. This could also possibly delay the delivery of your PCB orders. If you had done a good job in identifying the best PCB manufacturers, based on their reputation, credibility and their capabilities, you are likely to face lesser issues when it comes to the delivery timeline. 

There are a number of China based PCB manufacturers with several years of experience in this field. Look for such companies and enjoy timely delivery of your PCBs. 

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